ah, no.6? i love it. how they just [clenches fist] never reunite again.



"Su-sein…McSweeney…he say…"

Defining moment of this gen 2k10

Nikolaj Coster Waldau and Indira Varma filming season 5 of Game of Thrones in Spain


so many parent kids feelings….

this is the edit that the first pic is based off of.


Things that make me happy. Rin’s short hair and Haru’s tiny mouth. Sousuke’s still getting his metal arm. He’ll be back in 2020.

*edited cause i was stupid enough to draw the rising sun flag. i’m really sorry for that, i don’t mean to offend anyone i was just following a certain design i saw…*


ah you’re watching Haikyuu? I love that show! They way they all just     [clenches fist] under appreciate Tanaka


I’m going to die alone and miserable but at least I’ll find peace knowing that I never thirsted over benedict cumberbatch

@the znt fandom


wheres all the polyamory

furusawa week, day 3: someone like you by adele


this fall break i ate delicious fried food at the fair, became an anime character, and scored some cute pieces! but now im back lol

shy bi and ready to cry
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