list of idols tht r gonna get their asses beat one day


- daehyun from bap
- baekhyun from exo
- jackson from got7
- zico from block b
- doojoon from b2st
- rapmon from bts

i am going to tag my free! trans headcanons until it catches on


thank u for ur blessing Grey Nutrient Broth


Brandy Melville Nadine Alien top

i will make making trans free! headcanons popular if it kills me

4 years and no chill later

haru buying rin a super cute dress w/ tiny shark pattern [me crying incoherently] 

agender rin in a crop top + high waisted shorts…hair in a tiny bun….lipstick…c’mon…their eyeliner wings would be so sharp


welcome back to “gay on the moon”, the only show about being gay on the moon


watching british porn like


*me prayin at the altar of transvolleys*

i’m so tired but zack won’t go to bed tell him to sleep

shy bi and ready to cry
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