i’m gonna buy a binder but idk my measurements „,

truly ready 2 die to get away from my parents 


koujaku: i’m just your average freelance hairdresser

[tears off kimono to expose 26 tattoos and 47 scars]

[swings sword over shoulder]

koujaku: [yankee accent] yakuza are trash



college au where Armin and Mikasa’s favorite hobby is jigsaw puzzles

Eren comes down for a middle-of-the-night snack to find his two roommates still up and huddled along the kitchen table. There’s puzzle pieces everywhere. There’s no goddamn counter space. None. He notices the number on the box. 5000 pieces. What the fuck. What the actual fuck. 

Armin asks Eren if he wants to help. “Just so you know, we’ve got a system. Turquoise pieces are on the coffee table in the living room. Navy ones are on that chair, beside the more…Mikasa, would you call that color?”


"Right. Cerulean. Pieces with sea creatures on them are beside the coffee maker. You can start sorting them by shape and number of prongs."

No. Absolutely not. Mikasa and Armin can enjoy their nerd puzzles. he’s going to bed.

They blow an entire weekend doing this puzzle. Literally like 72 hours. Eren can’t believe them. Eren wakes up once at 4 am because Armin screams “THERE HAS TO BE A FUCKING PIECE MISSING HOLY SHIT.”

But it gets done. That 5000 piece puzzle of the goddamn ocean gets done. And quite frankly, Armin could do without his dream of seeing the ocean for at least five years.

au where every time they do a puzzle eren hides some pieces 

i automatically fall in love with rin cosplayers it’s like a knee jerk reaction

i’m so bad with names i’ve watched like 15 episodes of diamond no ace and the only names i remember are chris senpai and furuya

essence of beauty: lisa bonet


ピンポンログ by あびい

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.


tbh don’t even talk to me unless your name is rin matsuoka

give me trans boy haru who is super comfortable w/ this body and Doesn’t Really Give a Fuck

shy bi and ready to cry
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